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RFS Billing and Consulting knows the struggles that “new” providers as well as the complacency of a seasoned provider. We understand the uncertainty and stress of untimely filings of physician’s claims. Our team will put your mind at ease and minimize the stress of your office staff. Our commitment to you and your practice, along with our claim analyst specialist will ensure that you claims are submitted correctly…THE FIRST TIME.  We realize that all billing companies tell you that they can produce more revenue. What they do not confess is at what cost? Most standards within the industry is to outsource a practitioner’s claim management as a whole. We at RFS Billing and Consulting will only use in house technicians who abide to all federal laws as all our providers do.

As a healthcare provider, your first and foremost concern should be to provide evidence based care to meet and surpass treatment goals for each patient. Many services provided may be covered by third party payers, some services are applied to co-pays, deductibles and co-insurances depending on the plan benefit. This can be confusing and intimidating for many practitioners and their staff. We encourage you to advise your patients to be knowledgeable with their plan benefits. We have efficient policies and procedures to review denials for accuracy. Each EOB is audited for correct payment, and the necessary steps are taken to ensure that you receive accurate reimbursement for your services. Every outstanding claim is tracked until it is processed and paid to its fullest. These new challenges require that you partner with the right billing company who can assist getting it done right….THE FIRST TIME.

We recognize the struggles both new and existing practitioners face. The constant change in the health insurance industry can be overwhelming and often times unmanageable. We are dedicated to reducing that stress by putting the management of your office into our hands.

Understanding and navigating through managed care can be a difficult process. We can evaluate managed care agreements and help determine if these agreements offer you the best rates to maximize reimbursement.

The steps involved:

  • Evaluation of services performed or services billed, are you billing adequately?
  • What can you do differently to prove medical necessity from the claim level?
  • Should you re consider Non Par vs Par?
  • Staff organization
  • Prioritizing your goals, patient care is your focus.
  • What are the most important aspects to having a successful practice, not just financially?

Our Mission to You

We will ensure that your current staff dynamics will never feel threatened by our presence. We will become integrated with your existing staff as we have the same goals in mind. We will work closely with your office staff to ensure an efficient overall work flow and provide training when necessary in turn will result in positive practice growth.

RFS Billing and Consulting will work intensely to improve your collections not because of the money but because we are passionate about our work.

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What People Say

I was always apprehensive to handle my billing over to another company. I always submitted my own claims within my office, most by paper. After many years of improper billing, countless resubmissions and an unknown amount of money lost, I finally had enough and signed with RFS Billing & Consulting.

In a few months everything turned around. Claims were filed on time, reimbursements were received within 7-10 days and my revenue increased drastically and my stress level decreased.

My only regret is I didn’t sign up sooner. The team at RFS is truly dedicated to their providers. Words cannot describe the depth of their professionalism and reliability. RFS Billing & Consulting’s priority is communication with their clients. I can tell you first hand, they do not disappoint.
Allowing RFS Billing & Consulting to handle my billing has allowed me to focus on being a Chiropractor and give the best care I can to my patients.

Dr. Daryl

RFS Billing and Consulting has been doing my billing since 2015. I am happy to say that I was their first client. I was with my previous billing company for 12 years but decided to make the move one I found out they outsourced my billing to India. I was quite upset and disappointed that I was never informed. My patient’s private information was now accessible in a country where HIPPA laws and regulations do not apply. At first I must say I was apprehensive of the move to such a young company. I was concerned about the “lag time”, and the possibility of not collecting.

I have never looked back since my move. Tanya, Dr. Ferrieri and Dr. Skounakis are true to their word. In an entire year I only had to reach out to them once. It was because I never before have seen getting a check for a service that was provided 10 days prior. They are consistent will all my claims. My staff constantly praises their commitment to me. They will get at least one of them on the phone directly in one call. Issues that seemed like mountains before are nothing but mole hills with this team. I recommend this passionate team to anyone who wishes to focus on the reason why we all became chiropractors.

Dr. Bill

I wanted to share a comment from a patient of mine. He said he had never seen a bill come back from an insurance company so fast.

Dr. Mark

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