Personal Account Manager

Our goal is to make your office operate efficiently and maximize profitability by providing you with an account manager that fits your unique practice. We believe the strength in our company lies within our ability to communicate with our clients. This is the most fundamental and important requirement that we enforce on our staff. It is the account manager’s job to communicate daily with our clients, create a system customized to your needs and assist you and your staff with internal operations.

Our account managers are experienced and know how to bridge the gap between healthcare providers and insurance companies. This knowledge is called upon every day. Your account manager will identify the crucial details of your practice making for a strong client relationship.

We will provide the tools necessary to make your office flow with minimal stress by minimizing unnecessary steps.

Practice Management Consulting

We recognize the struggles both new and existing practitioners face. The constant change in the health insurance industry can be overwhelming and often times unmanageable. We are dedicated to reducing that stress by putting the management of your office into our hands.

Understanding and navigating through managed care can be a difficult process. We can evaluate managed care agreements and help determine if these agreements offer you the best rates to maximize reimbursement.

The steps involved:

  • Evaluation of services performed or services billed, are you billing adequately?
  • What can you do differently to prove medical necessity from the claim level?
  • Should you re consider Non Par vs Par?
  • Staff organization
  • Prioritizing your goals, patient care is your focus.
  • What are the most important aspects to having a successful practice, not just financially?

Data Entry Option

Save time, increase efficiency and decrease errors through our customized data entry options.
We have three processes:

  1. If you use the EHR portion this will create the charges.
  2. Your staff can enter the charges in the Practice management program.
  3. We can do it for you

Once we determine what your goals are and the data options that fits your needs, we will customize our program and streamline it with minimal effort on your part or your staffs. We provide you with a number of tools that make for easy data entry.