Staff Training

  • An integral part of your practice is your staff. Usually, the first person patients see are your staff or front desk personnel. We can provide them with the tools needed for exceptional efficiency and performance any office needs. Proper office etiquette is a must in today’s environment.
  • Education, preparation and knowledge are imperative when creating or maintaining an efficient practice.
  • We will identify where improvements are necessary and work to minimize most obstacles that affect profitability and reimbursements.
  • We believe organization leads to financial growth. Our philosophy is that training does not stop once setup is complete. We will continuously educate you and your staff.

Eligibility Benefit Confirmation

Benefits and eligibility should be completed for every patient that walks into your office upon EVERY visit.

Information obtained:

  1. Verification of current coverage
  2. Co-payment amount
  3. Co-insurance
  4. Deductibles
  5. Date of eligibility
  6. Plan type
  7. Plan limits

Data Entry Option

Save time, increase efficiency and decrease errors through our customized data entry options.
We have three processes:

  1. If you use the EHR portion this will create the charges.
  2. Your staff can enter the charges in the Practice management program.
  3. We can do it for you

Once we determine what your goals are and the data options that fits your needs, we will customize our program and streamline it with minimal effort on your part or your staffs. We provide you with a number of tools that make for easy data entry.