About Us

RFS billing and consulting has 40 years of collective experience in medical billing and consulting. We at RFS can help your practice navigate the dynamic culture of healthcare reimbursements in an ethical and uncomplicated manner. Contrary to most of the “billing companies”, our mission statement is always our guide. With this, we have gained the trust of orthopedic, primary care physicians, physical therapists and chiropractors to name a few. We pride on keeping your staff informed of the industries evolving trends. With our committed product, we have been an integral part of maximizing reimbursement for the healthcare providers in states where the healthcare industry is most competitive. Unlike most billing and consulting companies, we select clients based on OUR selective criteria.

Tanya Kenely Russell, CPC

With over 20 years in the medical field both direct patient care and patient advocate, Tanya Kenely Russell has the knowledge, exceptional; managerial skills and drive to bring winning results. Having an in depth understanding of the changes in the industry over the recent years has inspired her to pursue her passion to help providers and patients understand healthcare today. Her personal touch has given her the edge to listen and learn what clients need. Tanya’s interpersonal insights partnered with her desire for continuing education, has given her the skills that far outperform the competition.

Dr. Andreas Skounakis

Dr Skounakis received his undergraduate degree in exercise science from the University of Rhode Island in 1996.  He attended the University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic and graduated in 2001.  He started his practice in 2003 after expanding multiple practices as an associate in East Windsor Connecticut. In the years of being a solo practitioner, he realized the importance of having a knowledgeable billing service.  As he faced the challenges of “cookie cutter billing consultants“, he realized that there must be a better way.  He is determined to share his story with healthcare providers who have his vision but are facing the challenges of healthcare.